PUZZLETFACTORY : the free online jigsaw puzzles to play or download by internauts

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free online puzzles to play or download puzzles gratuitos online a jugar o descargar puzzles gratuits ą jouer et télécharger
   PUZZLETFACTORY : the free online jigsaw puzzles to play or download by internauts  


NEW : you can now send all ecards from the website as MMS to your friends mobile phone !

When you select to send a puzzle as ecard you have now the choice among :

  • classic puzzlecards
  • where you destinee will receive your message only when he will have solved the puzzle of your choice...

  • FUN ecards
  • where you select special dynamic effects and personalise any of our image as an ecard

  • and now: MMS ecards
  • where you can send to your friends your message as SMS and the image of the puzzle as MMS !!!

    To send a MMS eCARD, click on "Send this puzzle to a friend" as you would do for a standard ecard from the puzzle detail launch page, or click on the icon directly from the list of puzzles

    Then select "MMS card" in the card sending page

    Type your message (limited to 160 signs for SMS) and email destinee (for him/her to receive a notification by email of the card), and then :

  • select the telephone model of your friend

  • We give you a list of standard mobile phones so that the image is rescaled to the most appropriate size of his mobile screen.If you don't know it select "Other Model" which is compliant with all mobile phones

  • the mobile phonenumber of your friend :

    Be careful , you must type the international phone number, meaning COUNTRY CODE followed by the phone number WITHOUT 0 and WITHOUT + and WITHOUT Space or -

    incorrect examples : 0601020304, +33601020304, 33 6 01 02 03 04, 33-6-01-02-03-04,...

    correct examples: 33601020304

  • your own phone number
  • :

    It allows us send the MMS "from your mobile" so that the destinee can answer to the MMS and know who is sending him/her a messaget ! Again you must type it with international format

    Everything is ok ? You can now click on "Send the ecard"

    You then need to pay for the MMS by getting a CODE to our partner (SMS, Audiotel, WHa, CB, PayPal) or using your TICKET SURF

    Be careful the code is only valid for one ecard. In case your MMS is not delivered, you will get a free credit until you have succeeded


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